About Us


Flaunt Interiors is established with the aim to articulate your dreams through high quality interior design and renovation services to clients for both residential and commercial sectors.

Our experienced team and interior designers with a wealth of experience and knowledge, are able to offer professional yet friendly personal service for your interior design needs.

We have established close relationship with our clients, as we listen and understand your design preferences. We pay attention to all details and response to any question and concern. We ensure that our interior design concepts are implemented to agreed quality standards with our experienced contractors.

No hidden end of project cost shock awaits you as we present detailed line-by-line items tailored to your design and budgetary needs up front. The projects finished within budget, in a hassle-free process and timely manner.

By learning on our expertise and experience, you will find out that moving into a new place need not have to be stressful. With our flair and passion, you will certainly enjoy the finished project.